Epicenter is a house dedicated to innovation with impact. We have attracted large corporates, fast growing international digital stars, proven entrepreneurs, music stars, robots, biohackers, mindfulness leaders, gadget gurus, fashionistas and many more. And now we’re inviting you to host your event here.

We have some magical touch points that can take your event to a whole new level. From Bitcoin ATM machines, to robots that can dance with you, to an experienced mindfulness expert that can help scan your brain waves, hack your body with implants and many more features that can add flavour and dimension to your event. All events can be catered by our fantastic restaurant K-märkt with famous Nobel chefs and sommeliers. Breakfast, brain food, after works, fine dining – whatever you like, our restaurant can create.

Disruption Hall

  • Fits up to 200 persons
  • LED-screen 2 x 85" 
  • Lead Wall
  • Bose Sound System
  • Modular Furniture

Impact Hall

  • Fits up to 35 persons
  • TV-screen 85"
  • Bose Sound System
  • Modular Furniture

Meetings Rooms

  • 16 different board rooms
  • Fits up to 8-12 persons per room
  • TV screen with HDMI connection


Graphic design: how much are you willing to pay?


Why pay NOK 2 Million for a logo, when you can pay NOK 2,000 online? Many large corporations have been critiqued in the media for investing significant amounts on redesign of the company logo and graphic expression. What is this high price really based on?